International Plastics has over 20 years experience working with high temperature engineered thermoplastics. Our customer commitment is to provide full product development assistance including concurrent part design, prototype molding and production molding of high performance thermoplastics.International Plastics specializes in small parts, micro molding, thin wall parts of engineering materials from Acetal to Zytel and everything in between including PEEK, Torlon®, Radel, Ultem®, Amadel, and LCP’s.

Our capabilities and experience in high temperature engineered thermoplastics such as PEEK, Torlon®, Ultem® and PPS are unrivalled in the industry. Most of the compounds that are processed at our facility include carbon fiber, glass or aramid fiber reinforced to provide the best mechanical properties. These fillers require the most sophisticated process controls, which International Plastics has invested heavily in. From the most advanced material drying systems, to the injection molding machines themselves.

Our manufacturing facility, centered on lean manufacturing philosophy, is equipped with 60 ton and 30 ton Toshiba injection molding machines, which run in a lights out environment.

Quick mold change technology, allow us to be up and running in minutes, not hours, like at other molders. This provides maximum flexibility of schedule, and saves you set-up fees that most molders charge.Products we produce range from fifteen millionths of a pound (0.0000015 lbs.) to one eighth of a pound (0.125 lbs.) and thin wall molding down to fifteen thousandths (0.015 in.).

Utilizing our proprietary process development program, Advanced Scientific Injection Molding (ASIM), we develop an extremely stable and repeatable process for your product. Couple this with our real time process monitoring, ISO 9001 quality system (registration pending), and Six-Sigma program, you can rely on us to mold and manufacture your quality plastic products.For over 20 years International Plastics has been developing mold designs and molding processes to produce ultra thin wall Radel, PEEK, and Torlon parts. We are also one of the very few molders to successfully mold micro PEEK and Torlon parts.

As injection molding technology has advanced International Plastics has been at the forefront of the technology. We have been the test molder for a number of materials to analyze their molding properties before they were commercially available to others. We have been pioneers in many molding techniques and technologies that result in today’s unmatched quality and cost-saving manufacturing. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of service, from the initial concept of your product through production.

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