Dryer Wheel

PEEK or Torlon Could Be The Answer To Your Wear Problem!

A number of years ago a large company came to us because their wheel was the number one warranty claim in the entire company’s product line.

The big problem they had was with the oil impregnated sintered bronze bushing which leaked oil and made terrible noise.  The other problem was with the rubber on the outer edge which took a compression set from sitting in their warehouse.  When the owner would use the product for the first time a rumbling noise would come from the unit because the wheel was no longer round.

We were told that the part had to survive a 1500 hour life test.  Our solution was to replace the bronze bushing with a high performance wear grade material.  We also used the same grade of rubber as the original wheel on the outer part of the wheel, but used less of it and reinforced it with the spoke material between the bushing and rubber.

The result?  Our polymer bushing showed no wear after the life test and our rubber design did not compress. We were told by the project engineer that no bushing, including the current production one, has ever passed the life test.  This metal to plastic conversion of the bushing and the redesigned rubber part would save the company millions of dollars per year in warranty claims.


International Plastics specializes in the molding of all grades of PEEK and Torlon.  There are many new wear grades of PEEK and Torlon just now available.

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Would Your Current Molder Do This?

A customer just came to us needing prototype parts immediately to close a deal.  The only problem was that the molded part is made out of a niche material not offered by ProtoMold.

International Plastic’s solution was to build a prototype mold with in 7 days to get over 1,000 parts to our client to finalize the deal with their customer.  Most molders would see this as an opportunity to take advantage of the customer with an expensive mold price, expedite fee, or outrageous part price.  Here at International Plastics, we just charged a modest engineering fee and provided the parts at full production price.

The result?  Our customer was able to get the contract from their client and International Plastics is molding a couple million of these parts per year for well under their target price.

Here at International Plastics we go above and beyond what most molders would do to assist our clients.




parts converted to plastic

Converting machined parts to molded parts

Millions of plastic components are machined.  If the annual volume is high enough, converting it to a molded part could be of advantage.  With machining, you pay for the full rod or sheet, and then machine a fair amount of the plastic onto the floor as waste.  Extruded sheet and rod is usually more expensive per pound than injection molded pellets.  For example, if molded pellets are $5.00/lb. extruded rod of the same material will cost around $10.00/lb.  Then, you have the cost of machining on top.


Machined components don’t just have to be plastic to become a molded part.  Many parts International Plastics produces were originally machined metal parts.  Be it brass bushings, aluminum, zinc castings, machined brass, many of these components can become molded parts, saving you money.  Polymers such as PEEK, Torlon, Radel, Ultem, and the special filler systems that can go into polymers these days can give your components better properties, lower cost, and longer use life.

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