A customer just came to us needing prototype parts immediately to close a deal.  The only problem was that the molded part is made out of a niche material not offered by ProtoMold.

International Plastic’s solution was to build a prototype mold with in 7 days to get over 1,000 parts to our client to finalize the deal with their customer.  Most molders would see this as an opportunity to take advantage of the customer with an expensive mold price, expedite fee, or outrageous part price.  Here at International Plastics, we just charged a modest engineering fee and provided the parts at full production price.

The result?  Our customer was able to get the contract from their client and International Plastics is molding a couple million of these parts per year for well under their target price.

Here at International Plastics we go above and beyond what most molders would do to assist our clients.